What you should know about natural gas

Natural Gas is colorless and odorless.

A distinctive pungent odor is added to the gas so that you can smell a leak immediately.

Gas Appliances - Correctly installed, maintained and vented to the outside and inspected by qualified service person.

Check chimney and furnace flue for proper venting.

Should be done annually.

In Case of an Emergency

If you smell gas and can't find the source immediately, go to a neighbor's house and call the gas company.
If the odor is not strong, open the doors and windows for ventilation.
If the odor is strong and persists, get everyone out of the house immediately.
Don't use a telephone, switch a light on or off, or light a match if you smell gas.
Don't try to relight a gas furnace, water heater, or range until you are sure there's no more smell of gas.